Facial Wash Micellar Gel and Make-up Remover GoCranberry 150 ml

Facial Wash Micellar Gel and Make-up Remover GoCranberry 150 ml

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Refreshed and cleansed skin.
• Does not contain preservatives.
• Dermatologically tested.
• The fragrance does not contain allergens.

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Facial Wash Micellar Gel and Make-up Removal GoCranberry is a face cleansing and make-up removing product for everyday use. Gentle cleansing substances leave the skin fresh and irritation-free. The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin (meets the requirements of vegans and vegetarians, vegan product).

Facial Wash Micellar Gel and Make-up Removal GoCranberry is a delicate product designed for everyday make-up removal and face cleansing.

It does not cause irritation and redness because it contains only mild substances. It's vegan - no ingredients from animal origin.
Miceral face wash gel - effective, natural makeup removal

The gel is extremely good even with oily contamination, which makes removing makeup efficient and pleasant. Organic cleansing substances of plant origin collect all impurities and excess sebum, without affecting the natural lipid barrier. In addition, the gel texture makes a small amount is enough to effectively get rid of makeup.

Refreshing and nourishing due to natural cranberry extracts
Natural cranberry extract strengthens and moisturizes the skin and provides it with a complex of vitamins and macroelements, slows down the aging process.
Panthenol penetrating deep into the skin softens and firms it, eliminating burning and irritation.
Allantoin has a soothing, smoothing, moisturizing and softening effect, provides relief and helps in the regeneration of the epidermis, which is adversely affected by external factors.

Natural and safe gel composition
The product is hypoallergenic, no preservatives were used, and no potential allergens were used to create the fragrance. Even people with sensitive skin can use it. It was checked through dermatological tests.

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Wydajny, fajny skład

Bardzo wydajny kosmetyk o świetnym ekologicznym składzie ale tego pisać nie muszę, bo po to się kupuje naturalne kosmetyki :) Krótko mówiąc polecam :)


Żel micelarny godny polecenia

Produkt bardzo skuteczny i co dla mnie najważniejsze naturalny. Polecam ten produkt oraz sklep.


Gorąco polecam

bardzo dobry płyn miceralny do twarzy. Super oczyszczenie i poczucie świeżości. Pierwszy mój naturalny ale z pewnością będę testować inne Wasze kosmetyki :)

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