Gentle care- Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry 150 ml

Gentle care- Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry 150 ml

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Contains lactic acid.
• Does not contain preservatives.
• Dermatologically tested.
• The fragrance does not contain allergens.

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Gentle gel is designed for daily care and intimate hygiene. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. It is recommended for women and teenagers. The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin (meets the requirements of vegans and vegetarians, vegan product).

Intimate hygiene gel GoCranberry is designed for daily care of intimate places. It gently cleanses and protects sensitive areas, while maintaining the appropriate pH.

The product is also recommended for vegetarians and vegans, as it does not contain ingredients of animal origin. It is hypoallergenic, free of soap, SLS / SLES, preservatives, parabens, silicones and artificial colors. It has been dermatologically tested.

A natural gel for intimate hygiene
In addition to ecological cleansing substances, which gently remove all impurities without disturbing the natural protective barrier of the skin, the product also contains:
    - lactic acid providing an appropriate, slightly acidic pH, which helps to maintain beneficial bacterial flora;
    - Cranberry extract soothing and moisturizing, and at the same time strengthening and preventing the development of microorganisms.

Freshness and comfort - natural ingredients
After washing, the intimate areas are refreshed and cleaned, and the skin remains properly moisturized. The resistance to the negative effects of external factors is increased, and the beneficial bacterial flora is protected against infections.

GoCranberry gel can be used by both adult women and teenagers. It is recommended to the care of even very sensitive and skin prone to irritation.

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Jestem zachwycona składem żelu a co za tym idzie działaniem.<br /> Kwas mlekowy zapewnia odpowiednie pH, dzięki czemu pomaga w utrzymaniu dobroczynnej flory bakteryjnej. Eekstrakt z żurawiny nawilża i koi podrażnienia, przeciwdziała rozwojowi bakterii. Jestem zachwycona. Dobra konsystencja, przyjemny zapach, szybko się spłukuje. Ten produkt pozostanie ze mną na długo!



super żel w bardzo fajnej cenie, od dzisiaj sięgam tylko po naturalne kosmetyki :D


Polecam żel

żel do higieny intymnej o naturalnym składzie co czuć w działaniu... bardzo delikatny, pięknie pachnie. Na pewno będę długo stosowała :)

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