Light Formula - Facial Moisturizing Day Cream GoCranberry 50 ml

Light Formula - Facial Moisturizing Day Cream GoCranberry 50 ml

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A light formula ideally suited as a base for makeup, also mineral.
• Does not contain preservatives.
• Dermatologically tested.
• The fragrance does not contain allergens.

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The cream provides deep hydration of the skin without overburdening it. It gives the skin a fresh and radiant look. It soothes irritation and itching. It prevents from dryness and overproduction of sebum. Due to light cream formula it is ideal as a base for makeup.

The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin (meets the requirements of vegans and vegetarians, vegan product).
Light Formula - Facial Moisturizing Day Cream GoCranberry is a cosmetic that provides the skin with the right nutrients without being overburdened. It prevents against excessive secretion of sebum, and due to its consistency it is suitable as a base for makeup (also mineral).

The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin, so it can also be used by vegetarians and vegans. It has been dermatologically tested.
Natural moisturizing face cream for the day

The cream contains a natural composition:
    - cranberry extract, which moisturizes, lifts, prevents against aging and nourishes, providing vitamins and minerals;
    - Cranberry oil rich in vitamin E and omega-3, -6 and -9, which nourish and prevent irritation;
    - hyaluronic acid which is a rescue for rotten and dry skin, additionally guaranteeing adequate firmness and elasticity;
    - argan oil that regulates sebum production, firms and makes the skin smoother and rejuvenated;
    - oat germ oil guaranteeing the skin with antioxidants and natural vitamin E;
    - squalane to protect against the negative factors of external factors (such as sunlight, air conditioning, pollution and wind);
    - vitamin E neutralizing free radicals and rejuvenating.

A way to beautiful complexion thanks to nature!

The use of cream makes the skin become:
    - radiant;
    - moisturized;
    - free of irritation and itching.

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to i ja polecę :)

Podpisuję się pod pozytywnymi opiniami. Krem o ładnym zapachu, lekkiej konsystencji, dobrze się wchłania i ma świetny naturalny skład. Polecam serdecznie :)


Super kremik

Super kremik, mogę polecić :)


Dobry krem

krem dobry o jeszcze lepszym naturalnym składzie

Kasia W.

lekki i przyjemny

Krem jest rzeczywiście lekki i delikatny, a przy tym super nawilża skórę. Najlepszy jaki do tej pory używałam :) Polecam oczywiście :)

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