Soothing Nourishing - Facial Cream GoCranberry 50 ml

Soothing Nourishing - Facial Cream GoCranberry 50 ml

PLN 35.76

A wealth of nutrients.
• Does not contain preservatives.
• Dermatologically tested.
• The fragrance does not contain allergens.

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Soothing Nourishing - Facial Cream GoCranberry is suitable for dry and normal skin. It soothes the skin that requires intense conditioning. Regular use of the cream visibly improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Firmness and elasticity increases significantly. It can be used at night and by day, acting as a make-up base.

Use of natural face cream
The delicate, natural formula means that after gently patting the cream is perfectly absorbed, and its ingredients provide good care for the face. Perfect for women of all ages.

Organic face cream can be used day and night, the light texture will not create a mask feeling, and the cream will absorb quickly and allow its completely natural and nutritionally rich ingredients to work. You don't have to wait long to improve the appearance and condition of your skin. Allow yourself for nourishing -soothing effect, and the cream will take care of you in the best way.

Natural face cream - how it works:
The cream, saturated with ingredients from the mother of nature, is absorbed into our skin and from the first moments impresses with its smell. Our senses are delighted with the pleasant fragrance, and a nourishing ritual takes place on the skin.

The oils contained in the product make the skin moisturized, toned and smoothed, and thus - rejuvenated. The cream contains natural UV filters, protects the skin against dangerous rays, as well as soothes and regenerates the already existing sun irritations. The Squalane present in the composition prevents against evaporating water from the skin and creates a protective layer that prevents against entering bacteria and fungi to the body.

The combination of all ingredients, gifts of nature is a full-fledged natural formula that supports the skin in every situation of everyday life. A must-have face care product.

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