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Bath care with natural bath and shower cosmetics

We associate the concept of body care with all kinds of creams and balms. We use them after cleansing the skin to - depending on your needs - moisturize, regenerate or firm it. This may be completely new information for some people, but the water dries the skin. We rather remember about the daily bath, but the next stage, i.e. moisturizing the skin with a suitable cosmetic, is often overlooked by us.

In the morning we don't have time for this, we want to get dressed quickly and leave, not wait until the cream layer is absorbed. In the evening we are often so tired that we do not think about massage the body with oil. Therefore, we can go a step further and provide a bouquet of precious nutrients for our skin already while bathing. For this purpose, it is enough to use cleansing cosmetics, which in addition to the obvious function of cleansing the skin, are also intended to moisturize and nourish it. This is the first and very important stage in daily skin care. Whether we choose a long, hot bath or a quick shower it does not matter much. The effect is to be cleansed and nourished skin while enjoying relaxation, which is undoubtedly the bathing process. Can everyday washing ritual be pleasant and useful at the same time? Yes it can, thanks to the use of appropriate cosmetics.

Not just soap while showering or bathing

Despite its strong position in the ranking of washing products, soap is increasingly being replaced by other cosmetics. The gel has a pleasant consistency and is easy to spread, or an oil that leaves a subtle layer on the skin.

Or maybe a natural foam whose soft formula makes bathing a delight? Thanks to the concentrated action and appropriate selection of components, these products provide our skin with the right nutrients, while getting rid of impurities during bathing or showering. The cosmetics are enclosed in sealed packaging, which limits the supply of oxygen to the interior, and thus extends the shelflife of the product. They have a convenient pump, due to which the method of applying gel or oil is also easier. We do not need to take such a bottle, just squeeze the desired amount of the cosmetic on your hands. Such a product, unlike classic soap, is very hygienic. It also does not require additional elements in the form of a soap dish, and in it can be a decoration on the edge of a bathtub or bathroom cabinet.

Ecologically and effectively bath cosmetics

Consumer awareness is constantly growing. Reaching for cosmetics, they pay attention to their composition. We choose product that penetrates directly into our skin. We want the components to interact with the natural protective lipid barrier and support its operation. We know the effects of long-term use of cosmetics containing parabens, SLSs and mineral oils and we want to avoid them. In addition, cleansing ingredients of plant origin, certified and gentle, will allow us to effectively remove all skin impurities naturally and in a spirit of sustainable development. Active ingredients added to washing substances can also combine efficiency and naturalness. Examples of such components are vegetable oils.

Benefits of Nature

Cranberry, grape, coconut, almond oil, watermelon seed oil. Sounds tasty? In the case of cosmetics, they primarily play a nutritional and protective role for the skin. Although the fragrance aspect is not without significance here. We can enjoy the pleasant, fruity fragrance of the cosmetic that penetrates our skin and stays on it for a long time. The oil formula leaves a protective, soft film on the skin, so you no longer need to use body lotion.
Cranberry seed oil contains a high level of antioxidants that protect against solar radiation and act anti-aging. The right proportion of fatty acids ensures its excellent absorption. As an emollient, it strengthens and regenerates the natural protective barrier of the skin, limiting the evaporation of water from the epidermis.

Grape seed oil is distinguished by its high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. It contains a lot of vitamin E, flavonoids, and lecithin. Due to this, it effectively delays the skin aging process. It is light - it makes the cosmetics in which it is located very well absorbed. Coconut oil is known mainly for use in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. It improves skin moisture, strengthens its hydrolipid layer. In addition, it is a source of many vitamins (C, E, B6, B12) and nutrients such as folic acid and lauric acid (also present in breast milk). Sweet almond oil is suitable for all skin types and does not irritate, so it is even used in baby cosmetics. Like other oils mentioned above, it has good absorption and strong moisturizing properties. In addition, it has a crazy nutty smell!
Watermelon seed oil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes any skin irritation by inhibiting the synthesis of major inflammatory mediators.
Now imagine combining all these wonderful ingredients in one cosmetic. In addition, its application is child's play and does not take much time, because it is simply a bath product! It is organic and does not contain animal ingredients, so ideal for vegans. And thanks to its gentle action and natural components, it is recommended even for babies' skin.