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Many women mistakenly believe that ordinary shower gel is suitable for intimate hygiene. Gynecologists warn that such a lack of attention for the most delicate areas of the body can cause problems with microflora. Proper hygiene of intimate places is important because of the need to maintain acid-base balance. Therefore, when using soap, this balance is disturbed towards a more alkaline (while the environment in this intimate area should be acidic), and the delicate microflora becomes exposed to bacteria.
    It is necessary to use gels and foams intended for intimate hygiene, because these products do not contain soap at all in their composition. The pH level is 4-5, which corresponds to the woman's natural pH. GoCranberry intimate hygiene gel and foam produced on the basis of natural ingredients such as cranberry extract and lactic acid not only effectively clean intimate areas, but also provide a protective barrier.

A natural and delicate Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry
    Soothing intimate hygiene gel GoCranberry helps to maintain cleanliness and pleasant freshness throughout the day. The soothing hypoallergenic formula does not contain soap. It contains lactic acid as well as cranberry extract. Lactic acid helps to maintain a normal physiological pH level of the intimate environment, without compromising its natural protective barrier.
   The gel does and protects women's health against irritation and infections. Cranberry extract also has excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizing and firming properties. Lactic acid soothes, nourishes and quickly eliminates irritation. Natural intimate hygiene gel GoCranberry gently cleanses intimate areas, intensively regenerates, neutralizes unpleasant odors, ensures a lasting feeling of comfort, freshness and cleanliness. It is a product  that can be used during daily care of the intimate area, it provides a feeling of comfort and cleanliness 24 hours a day.

Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry ingredients
   Cranberry extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, restores the natural level of pH, and also intensively regenerates. Ensuring the microbiological balance of intimate areas by maintaining an appropriate acid pH is the best protection against infection symptoms. The basic operation of the cranberry extract is effective cleaning and regeneration of the mucosa as well as ensuring a feeling of freshness. This component of the intimate hygiene gel has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also intensively regenerates the female intimate areas.
   Natural Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry is an extremely mild, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and completely natural product that strengthens the protective functions of the mucosa, prevents negative changes in natural flora and accelerates cell regeneration. This mild cleaner does not contain harmful dyes or alkaline soaps.

Lactic acid tasks in intimate hygiene
   Lactic acid strengthens the natural protection against irritations and infections, neutralizes unpleasant odors, ensures long-lasting feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Protection of the intimate sphere of women is effectively provided with lactobacilli. They create an acidic environment that is harmful to most pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the use of ordinary intimate hygiene soap is extremely undesirable. When the environment changes towards alkalizing, lactic acid bacteria die. This gives green light, for example, for the growth of yeast fungi, what leads to Candidiasis.
    Lactic acid helps to maintain an appropriate pH level, which reduces the development of infection. Due to this substance contained in the Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Gel GoCranberry, the normal pH level of the female genital mucosa is maintained, and with it the vital activity of lactobacilli, which most female diseases are stopped. Lactic acid physiology, as well as mild washing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an necessary component of gels and foams for the care of intimate areas.

Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Foam Gocranberry
   Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Foam GoCranberry has a pleasant and light texture. It is suitable for sensitive areas with delicate skin. The composition was developed by specialists who know all the features of the female body (high sensitivity, acidity, susceptibility to hormonal levels, bacteria from outside and inside the body).
Due to the lactic acid content, the foam maintains the natural pH of the vagina, does not damage the microflora, allows you to maintain a feeling of freshness throughout the day. The foam is the most suitable product for hygiene before and after sexual intercourse. The foam should replace toilet soap so that a woman can feel comfort every day. Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Foam is an ideal product that protects the mucosa, preventing the appearance of irritation and burning. It contains antibacterial ingredients that are not aggressive to beneficial microflora.

Ingredients contained in Cranberry Intimate Hygiene Foam GoCranberry
   Natural intimate hygiene foam enriched with cranberry extract helps to maintain hygiene every day and during menstruation. It also contains natural ingredients in the form of lactic acid, and panthenol. The acidic environment of the cranberry extract has a wide range of protection against various diseases:
    It neutralizes bacteria by strengthening the mechanism that prevents bacteria from entering the body's cells
    Cranberry extract contains strong antioxidants, phytoanthocyanins and polyphenols that strengthen the body's defense mechanisms.
    The substance has a pH of 3.5, which helps to maintain a delicate natural balance and strengthens the natural protective ability of the vagina in the fight against bacteria and fungi. It cleans, refreshes and prevents irritation and unpleasant odors when used daily.

Method of using intimate hygiene products
Apply a small amount of gel or foam on your hand and wash the intimate area, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The effect of everyday use of Cranberry Gel or Intimate Hygiene Foam GoCranberry
    GoCranberry intimate hygiene products with cranberry extract and lactic acid as well as plant cleansing substances help to prevent inflammation of and vagina. In addition, the gel and foam help to eliminate odor. The special formula is mild, and cranberry extract helps to maintain the natural mucus environment. The products do not contain aggressive ingredients, are tested by dermatologists, hypoallergenic, have an optimal pH balance for sensitive areas and are suitable for pregnant women.