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Daily hand and foot care is extremely important. Due to the systematic nutrition of the skin we keep it smooth for longer. While using natural creams for hands and feet, we protect the skin against weather conditions and other factors that accelerate the aging process of the skin.

Natural hand cosmetics - creams, masks and scrubs
Our offer includes natural creams, scrubs and hand masks, due to which we take care of the condition of the skin of our hands and fight with skin problems. Due to the complex of vitamins and nutrients, after applying GoCranberry hand cream skin becomes smooth, moisturized and supple.
Every day our hands are exposed to harmful external factors. Sun and wind, detergents - including soap, deprive the hands of an already weak lipid layer that protects the skin from drying out. Therefore, when cleaning the house or washing dishes, always put on gloves, and after that wash each hand and use hand cream.
It is important that the cream contains the right ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin, protecting it from damage. The GoCranberry hand cream contains castor oil, which softens the skin, regenerates and moisturizes it. The cream also nourishes nails, which, just like the skin, suffer from constant contact with water and soap.
In addition we also use a hand scrub. Microparticles stimulate blood circulation, make the skin smooth and ready to receive skin care cosmetics. After peeling, apply a nourishing hand mask that contains a condensed dose of nutrients. The hand skin cared for in this way will give us flawless smoothness for many years.

Cream, peeling and foot mask - natural cosmetics
The feet skin in a slightly different way than the hand skin is exposed to microtraumas, dryness or hardening. That is why we often struggle with cracking heels, very dry and hard skin that is difficult to help. A natural foot cream with urea and an anti-fungal substance from the GoCranberry series will help us protect against all these problems. Its effectiveness is so high that it can be successfully used in the fight against cracking heels, with which other creams could not cope. This is possible thanks to the highest quality ingredients that undergo appropriate processes that protect the ingredients against loss of properties.
Daily foot care with foot cream should be supplemented with a foot scrub once or twice a week. The foot scrub will help us get rid of dead skin, and the foot mask applied after the peeling will moisturize and condition the skin perfectly. We recommend combining the use of peeling and mask - the peeling properly prepares the skin to absorb a large amount of nutrients contained in the mask.
If you are looking for natural cosmetics, then certainly the environment, fauna and flora are important to you. For us too! That is why most of our products are vegan cosmetics - they do not contain substances from animals sources. None of our cosmetics are tested on animals! Choose vegan cosmetics "100% for vegans and vegetarians."
Try hand and foot cosmetics with cranberry extract. The perfect consistency facilitates the absorption of creams, due to which the cosmetics are extremely effective and their use is a real pleasure. Buy NOVA Kosmetyki products in the online store and enjoy the convenience of online shopping!