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Natural hand scrub
A natural scrub is a cosmetic necessary for all skin types, including hand skin. It provides effective cleansing, removes dead skin cell  and prepares the skin for further care. After a good peeling - the absorption of lotion is better, their effectiveness also increases, because the active ingredients penetrate deeper! And if we choose a natural hand cosmetic - we also give up unnecessary chemistry and potential allergens! All this makes the natural scrub the only right choice for our beauty and health!

Properties of natural hand scrub
A natural hand scrub is a MUST HAVE for every bathroom due to its valuable operation. Such a cosmetic:
    exfoliates keratinized epidermis and helps fight cellulite,
    smoothes and firms the skin,
    improves microcirculation,
    improves skin tone.

Both natural salt and sugar scrubs peels are popular. Depending on the needs of our skin - the second are more delicate; the first will work for people with less sensitive, but more dirty skin that needs stronger peeling.
Natural scrubs are often enriched with natural moisturizing additives (such as Shea butter, oils, various fruit extracts), which additionally smooth, grease and regenerate the epidermis. As well as plant extracts and vitamins they provide comprehensive skin care.

Relaxing massage for your skin
The natural scrub, in addition to its care properties, is also great as a choice to perform a home relaxing massage. Massage with the use of peeling brings relief to body aches, muscle tension and helps to relax in moments of stress. Such a massage is a special combination of a care and relaxing treatment. Each of us deserves a moment of relaxation and a massage with the use of natural scrubs will certainly be great in this role, bringing relief and exceptionally well-groomed skin. With help of this cosmetic, we will turn our home into a comfortable SPA.

High-quality natural ingredients
As with other natural cosmetics, also natural scrub contains over 90% ingredients of natural origin, including many of these ingredients come from bio-crops. In natural scrub we will not find chemical ingredients, parabens or irritants. Instead, you'll find either Dead Sea salt crystals or bio sugar crystals, as well as plant-derived substances, fruit extracts, herb extracts, butter and organic precious oils.