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Sugar peeling is a tool necessary to carry out body peeling at home. The procedure helps to soften the skin due to the fact that keratin particles of the upper layer of the skin break off. After removing these particles, all cells receive oxygen saturation and then the skin becomes more radiant and smooth. Sugar body scrub with shea butter and cranberry oil GoCranberry is often used to exfoliate the skin.

Sugar body scrub with shea butter and cranberry oil GoCranberry
   The natural sugar scrub with cranberry extract and shea butter is a good product for skin health. Scrub effectively cleanses the skin of dead cells, natural oils moisturize it, and cranberry extract will fill it with vitamins and trace elements, accelerate metabolic processes and skin regeneration. Sugar granules gently smooth the skin. Shea butter has protective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties and nourishes well. Grape seed oil restores elasticity, moisturizes the skin and gives the skin a healthy appearance. The result: stunning smooth and delicate skin.

Ingredients for sugar body peeling with shea butter and cranberry oil GoCranberry
   Cane sugar provides an intensive peeling based on organic cane sugar, perfectly exfoliates the skin and nourishes it with the necessary trace elements. It does not contain allergens, silicones, dyes, parabens, preservatives. In addition, the use of cane sugar in the body scrub allows you to normalize fat metabolism, moisturize the skin, clean the pores. The use of this ingredient causes exfoliation of the epidermis, preventing premature aging of the skin.

Shea butter provides beauty
   Shea butter is on the list of the most valuable cosmetic oils with a softening, moisturizing, strong protective and regenerating effect. It is widely used in skin care. Butter softening capacity is very effective in the case of excessively dry and rough skin (hands, elbows, knees). This property of shea butter makes it indispensable for the care of dry and dehydrated skin.

Cranberry oil
   Exfoliating ingredients combined with cranberry oil gently cleanse all skin types, providing a refreshing effect. Cranberry oil contained in the GoCranberry sugar body scrub gives the skin elasticity and prolongs youth. Cranberry is rich in microelements and vitamins, strengthens blood vessels, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protecting it against adverse external factors.

Grape seed oil
    The unique properties of grape seed oil make it an important skin care product. The oil is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy shine, perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin, protects it agains drying. Grape oil has a toning and refreshing effect on the skin, due to which it leaves the skin firm, elastic and nourished. The oil-based scrub is ideal for skin care, giving it a healthy look.

Vitamin E in a natural scrub
   Vitamin E body scrub due to small sugar abrasive particles gently cleanses the skin without damaging it and without making the pores larger. Due to the balanced action of active ingredients, it begins regenerative processes, smoothes the skin's surface, leaving no redness and dryness. Vitamin E nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the skin.

Salt body scrub with shea butter and Bochnia salt GoCranberry
   Natural salt from Bochnia is a wonderful agent that removes toxins from the body and excess water, dissolves fat and exfoliates dead skin cells. Therefore, salt crystals are very effective care products. They contain magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine and valuable trace elements. During the procedure, the skin's elasticity increases, cellulite formations are destroyed. According to the opinions of women who have experienced the effect of massage with Bochnia natural salt, their skin has gained a renewed and revitalized appearance, its structure has improved. After the first use of the GoCranberry salt scrub, the skin becomes pleasant and smooth to the touch, its appearance improves.

Ingredients contained in salt body scrub GoCranberry
   The chemical composition of grape oil is rich in macro and microelements, proteins, vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants. The oil also contains a wide range of fatty acids. The main advantage of oil is that it contains the strongest natural antioxidant from the group of polyphenols. The product perfectly neutralizes the effects of free radicals, regenerates, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin. That is why grape oil is also used for face and body massage. Unlike other oils, it is suitable for oily and combination skin. This type of body scrub gently but effectively cleanses the skin. It smoothes the skin structure, acts as an antioxidant.

Shea butter

Shea butter has excellent softening properties, it cares for dry, rough skin on hands, elbows, knees, and feet. The butter's special regenerating and rejuvenating properties fight skin aging and fading, making it elastic. The scrub gently exfoliates the horny epithelium of the body skin, smoothes unevenness and roughness of the skin.

Cranberry oil
   Cranberry oil is a natural source of B and C vitamins, which actively moisturize and firm the skin, increasing its elasticity. Created on the basis of cranberry extract it does not contain synthetic oils and parabens. The ingredient contained in the salt peeling GoCranberry helps in effective removal of dead skin cells, moisturizes the skin and fills it with vitamins and minerals. In addition, the peeling accelerates metabolic processes in skin cells and stimulates its regeneration.

Grape oil
   This amazing body scrub GoCranberry is a real helper in the fight against dry and cracked skin. It consists of grape oil, which is an antioxidant, regenerates damaged skin and softens the epidermis. The oil contains valuable ingredients in the form of vitamins E, D, C and linoleic acid.

Foot and heel peeling - cranberry smoothing GoCranberry
   The foot and heel scrub does not contain synthetic exfoliating particles, is based on cranberry, sunflower, sweet almond oil, sage extract and vitamin E. It gently cleanses the skin, restoring its natural elasticity and healthy color and also makes it pleasant to the touch. The scrub is based on natural ingredients that have a soothing, revitalizing. Regular use of GoCranberry scrub allows you to get very smooth and silky skin on the feet and heels.

Feet and heels scrub - cranberry smoothing GoCranberry ingredients
   Scrub, due to the content of active substances - the sage extract, has a pronounced effect, accelerating the excretion of toxins and and as a result effectively leveling the texture of the skin of the feet and heels. The product does not contain animal fats, synthetic dyes and preservatives. Sage prevents excessive sweating of the feet.

Sweet Almond Oil
   Using the GoCranberry foot and heel scrub, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of fragrant ingredients that do not contain allergens, are filled with the nutritional properties of sweet almond oil, which smoothes and softens dry and cracked heel skin. A wonderful nourishing scrub has been developed especially for dry skin prone to cracking, combining mild regeneration and ultra-intensive care. The foot and heel scrub nourishes and strengthens the protective barrier, making the skin perfectly smooth, silky and soft.

Sunflower oil
   Sunflower oil works very gently on the skin of the feet and heels, nourishing even very sensitive places. Due to sunflower oil you can get rid of such unpleasant sensations as irritation and dry skin. Sunflower oil contained in the GoCranberry scrub is necessary for calloused areas, provides hydration and nutrition. Vegetable oil softens the heels and removes itchy feet. The oil also provides a moisturizing effect, due to which the skin with the constant use of GoCranberry scrub becomes velvety and smooth.

How to use GoCranberry peels
    Apply an appropriate amount of peeling to the skin and massage the body part in circular motions (about 3 minutes). After this time, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Avoid contact with damaged skin. It is recommended to use peeling 2-3 times a week.