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Face care is one of the most important rituals we perform every day. Care treatments should be performed every day and we should choose the best quality cosmetics for them.

Natural cosmetics for face care - online shop with eco cosmetics

By creating cosmetics and the offer of an online store, we take care of every detail. The most important thing is the highest quality of cosmetics that we offer to our clients. That's why you'll find in our offer cosmetics without preservatives and allergens that have been dermatologically tested.

A carefully selected composition of cosmetics makes the chosen product has a beneficial effect on our complexion, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating the skin. The right consistency ensures excellent absorption - cosmetics leave no greasy film and do not clog pores.

Safe natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics contain only safe and proven ingredients  that our skin likes. Fruit extracts, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, urea and a complex of vitamins (including vitamins A, C and E) provide our skin optimal nutrition and if systematically applied they improve skin condition, smooth and firm it.

Our offer includes face creams for various skin types - oily, mixed and dry, oils, eye creams, face masks and creams with UV filter. All cosmetics for face, neck and décolleté from NOVA Kosmetyki contain the best quality active ingredients. Cranberry extract provides our lots of vitamins, especially vitamins A, C and E or panthenol and allantoin which soothe irritations. Our GoCranberry cosmetics also contain squalane - a natural ingredient that transport the active ingredients into the skin.

Most face skin care cosmetics are vegan friendly. Face creams, oils, masks and other vegan cosmetics are marked with the sign "100% for vegans and vegetarians".

Our face cosmetics are efficient and because we have put them in attractive packaging, using them is a real pleasure. Try a series of natural cosmetics of NOVA Kosmetyki - beautiful skin without imperfections is at your fingertips!

Natural face care with organic cosmetics

Face care is one of the most demanding activity that should be taken in a proper way. First of all the further aging process of the skin depends on it. Due to the great interest, a number of natural face care cosmetics have been created that stimulate and support the skin's natural physiological functions. Natural cosmetics are products which are obtained from ingredients of plant or mineral origin. Therefore, they are often treated as biocosmetics or organic cosmetics. The main characteristic feature of these products is that they strengthen the skin in a natural way leaving a long-lasting and great effect of well-groomed skin. Also due to the production technology, these products are less likely to cause allergic reactions and irritations than synthetic cosmetics.

The reasons why it is worth to reach for ecological cosmetics for face care

Consumers are heading towards natural cosmetics for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

- no harmful

- no allergies

- nice smell

- light consistency

Natural cosmetics are also durable

It is worth to say that cosmetics of natural origin can retain their durability even for two years, and this is thanks to the use of the highest technology during the production of these products. It should also be said that natural cosmetics do not contain:

- parabens

- artificial colors

- preservatives

- artificial fragrances

- ingredients of animal origin

Natural cosmetics will improve the look and facial skin of the face

Natural cosmetics act as very important regenerative and healing role for the skin, therefore they are recommended for people with skin discolorations, such as during acne problems. The most important features of natural cosmetics include:

- these cosmetics are environmentally friendly because all ingredients are biodegradable

- lack of synthetic dyes

- the use of animal raw materials is only possible if they are obtained from living animals, for example goat milk

- ingredients for the production of natural cosmetics are obtained by physical, microbiological or enzymatic methods

- vegetable raw materials used in the production of natural cosmetics come from controlled, biological crops

- the microbiological purity of products of natural origin is primarily ensured by natural preservative systems

It should be noted that packaging used with natural cosmetics is also never accidental. Most often, manufacturers choose recycled packaging.