"Cranberry touch of beauty" - Face care treatment - GoCranberry set
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"Cranberry touch of beauty" - Face care treatment - GoCranberry set

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The "Cranberry beauty touch" set includes:
    Cranberry Foam Face Cleanser GoCranberry 150 ml,
    Actively Purifying Facial Scrub GoCranberry 75 ml,
    Natural Nutrition - Face Mask GoCranberry 50 ml,
    Hair band *.  

* the color of the band may differ from the color from the photo.

Safe composition of the natural set

All products in the set are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologically tested. They are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, because their compositions are devoid of ingredients of animal origin.

Comprehensive cranberry care
Active ingredients contained in products:
    moisturizing cranberry fruit extract that gives a lifting effect, nourishes the skin and provides it with vitamins and microelements;
    cranberry oil as a source of omega-3, -6 and -9 and vitamin E;
    urea eliminating dryness and roughness of the skin and previously created irritations;
    borage oil for improving skin condition, smoothing wrinkles and supplying vitamin C, tannins, mineral salts and organic acids;
    sweet almond oil, softening and smoothing, and at the same time deeply nourishing and providing vitamins A, B and E;
    hyaluronic acid - protecting against water loss and effectively rejuvenating the skin, and at the same time accelerating regenerative processes.
    apricot kernel oil that works wonders even for very dry and irritated skin;
    vitamin E neutralizing free radicals and delaying the appearance of wrinkles.
    grape seed oil, giving the effect of regeneration, smoothing and elasticity;
    shea butter, protecting against excessive drying, soothing and gently nourishing;
    exfo bamboo face - silicon-rich particles obtained from a bamboo stem, which peel and oxygenate well;

The product comes with a hair band that makes everyday application even easier.

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