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Natural day creams

A well-groomed face skin can makes us look younger and and add energy. It is not surprising that not only ladies reach for increased care of their complexion, but more and more often men are interested in this topic. At the same time, facial skin is one of the most delicate areas of the body. Therefore, it is best to put on natural care, which will be adapted to the type of skin. Two key aspects of facial skin are, of course, hydration and cleansing - natural day creams can help in it.

Hydration and occlusion is the base

Each type of complexion requires a daily dose of hydration. For example lack of hydration in oily skin can cause excessive seborrhea. Natural cosmetics that perfectly moisturize will have in their compositions such substances as: aloe vera, honey, hyaluronic acid or glycerine. However, hydration alone is not enough to maintain an adequate level of water in the epidermis. Occlusion is also needed, and thus the use of substances that form a protective layer. The most natural substances of this type are vegetable oils that can be selected according to the skin type. It is worth to use cosmetics that contain them in their compositions. Additionally you can nourish your complexion by applying specific oil to the skin or by adding it to the finished cosmetic immediately before applying. Natural day creams come with help here as well.

Pure skin

A well-groomed complexion is is free from blackheads and impurities. Natural day creams are not able to help your tired skin. That is why daily, thorough cleansing of face skin is very important. Sometimes it is not enough to use one product. In the case of skin which easily contaminates itself, two-phase cleaning is recommended - for example, consisting of washing oil and a delicate face wash gel. Washing oils are simple and natural products that consist of oil and an emulsifier. In contact with water, they form an emulsion and cleans the skin thoroughly. So they wash up your make-up perfectly. In the next phase, you can use washing gel, but remember that it does not contain parabens and strong detergents that irritate the skin. Interesting natural products are hydrolates, also called floral waters.

One of the most popular hydrolates is rose water. Just wipe the face gently with a hydrolate after the previous stages of washing the face, to get rid of the last impurities and residues of cleaning substances. Hydrolats are also perfect for refreshing the face in the morning or during the day, depending on individual needs.