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Natural face masks

Natural masks are like serums - cosmetics that have the highest concentration of active substances. It must be said that they will not produce the desired effect if we do not properly care for our face skin every day. Lack of proper moisturizing, washing the face, sleeping in make-up and forgetting about using sun cream with a filter on the sunny days will cause that the applied mask will not bring the desired effect. If, on the other hand, our day-to-day treatments look good, if you add to the care treatment, for example, a face mask, our complexion will be in a much better condition. It is best to use them 1 to 2 times a week, while if we have problems with regularity, it is better to use them less often than too often.

Who are ecological face masks for?

Having problems with acne / combination / oily skin and focusing daily on adjusting sebaceous glands and cleaning, it is a good choice to buy such natural masks that have a regenerating, moisturizing and repairing effect. All this is to strengthen the hydrolipid barrier of the skin, as well as to increase the level of hydration. Skin that has a well-formed hydrolipid barrier and is well hydrated, normalizes the sebaceous glands and sebum secretion. In the opposite case, if we choose moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging products every day, we should use cleaning mask. Buying a natural mask made of one of the best natural ingredients (clay) will help you to penetrate the active substance from other cosmetics better. In addition, clay provides the skin the required minerals that are needed for good skin work.

It is good to reach for natural, ecological masks showing anti-aging and sealing. In the case that immediately after using the mask, we do not see the effect immediately, do not be discouraged. In a few years we will see that we do not have a problem with discoloration or noticeable wrinkles. Natural face masks are always produced from very high quality plant products. Traditional cosmetics are made of normal distilled water. In the case of natural cosmetics (masks), where the quality of each ingredient is important, the floral hydrolates form their water base (hydrolates are completely safe substances). In the opposite to petroleum-based mineral oils and paraffin, as well as synthetic silicones and waxes, natural cosmetics (including face masks) contain cold pressed vegetable oils from organic farming and natural waxes from plants or animals. In natural cosmetics, natural essential oils are used as fragrances, and the role of emulsifiers (which occur in traditional cosmetics) are made by fatty alcohols and natural oils. No dyes are added to natural masks. Plant extracts are active substances that give the desired effect after using a natural cosmetic. They have a lot of vitamins, including A, E, C - rejuvenating and nourishing. They also contain complex and simple sugars that are used primarily because they have moisturizing properties.

It is worth reaching for natural cosmetics for the face?

To sum up - it is worth to buy natural masks. They contain flower hydrolates, unrefined vegetable oils from organic crops and natural waxes from animals and plants. They also contain fatty alcohols and natural oils, there are no dyes in them. All ingredients found in natural masks work for the benefit of our complexion, do not harm it, so it is worth to buy these products. They are composed of the best ingredients for our complexion. We invite you!