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Active filters

The natural face cream SPF 15 MIKKOLO medium-protection filter protect the skin against photo-aging thanks to the latest generation of UVA-UVB filters and active ingredients with high efficiency. Vitamin E contained in the cream provides the skin protection against free radicals.

Natural face cream MIKKOLO SPF 15

The cream with the filter protects the skin against free radicals, thanks to the combination of active ingredients (vitamin E and sweet almond oil and watermelon seeds) and works against oxidative stress, the main cause of photo-aging. The product provides protection at the cellular level. Due to the protective effect of coconut oil, shea butter and photostable physical filters, UVA / UVB it protects the cells against UV radiation. It acts on the barrier function of the skin: watermelon seed oil and shea butter help to increase the barrier function, so that the skin become more hydrated and more actively opposes external influences. Mmoisturizing and nutrition formula: because of sunlight, the lipid layer of the skin can be disturbed, leading to dehydration and dryness. Shea butter and oils contained in the cream help the skin to become soft and moisturized. A delicate and non-greasy cream with a silky consistency, is perfectly spread on the skin, maintaining a matte effect. The natural face cream SPF 15 MIKKOLO protects the young skin, therefore it is indicated for use by children. It guarantees effective protection against UVA-UVB rays. A protective cream made with the basis of physical filters has many valuable advantages. The basic value is that the filters are well tolerated, therefore they are recommended for people with sensitive skin. These filter features mean that they can be used by small children. An important feature of physical filters is their stability, which means that they do not lose their efficiency under the action of UVA-UVB, under the influence of time and oxygen.

Ingredients of natural face cream MIKKOLO SPF 15

Mineral UVA / UVB filter is a barrier against solar radiation. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have better protective properties against UVA and UVB. If these two filters are included in the product, they complement each other. Mineral filters are an excellent sun protection.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, ensuring better penetration of beneficial compounds. The skin becomes soft and flexible. Applying the cream with this ingredient every day will also provide anti-wrinkle effects, allowing you to achieve a smooth and well-tight facial skin. While using cream with coconut oil the skin will be perfectly lubricated without the effect of light. Moisturizing and protecting is another advantage of this natural ingredient. Using the oil in the composition of the cream it allows the skin to recover faster and nourish, which ensures a fresh and youthful appearance of the skin.

Sweet almond oil

The properties of sweet almond oil are related to providing the skin softness, better regeneration, nourishment and protection. The oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, protein, zinc, potassium and monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it contains vitamins that have a great effect of the better condition of the skin: B, D, A and valuable minerals. Sweet almond oil is gentle and mildly affects the skin, moreover it has hypoallergenic properties. Applying sunscreen with this ingredient will not lead to irritation, clogging of the pores . If the skin has inflammation, due to its properties, the oil will help to sooth them. Sweet almond oil protects the skin against oxidative stress, adverse external factors and damages caused by UV rays.

Shea butter

Shea butter contained in a face cream with UV filter makes this product perfect for people with problematic dry skin. Its lubricating and moisturizing effect protects and soothes the skin. Shea butter smoothes mimic wrinkles, nourishes the skin under the eyes, due to its content of vitamin E and A. The advantage of shea butter is to provide the skin with protection against external factors, it is resistant to high temperatures. It has the ability to regenerate the lipid layer and perfectly fulfills its tasks in the sunscreen.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant whose task is to protect cells against the aging process. In addition, it prevents skin drying by providing it better hydration. Such properties are very important in the sunscreen. Vitamin E protects the skin against burns and skin changes. The effects of using a natural face cream SPF 15 MIKKOLO The SPF 15 face sun filter effectively protects against the sun. The skin is immediately moisturized, nourished and protected against dehydration. The skin looks healthy, the tan is more effective and lasts longer. Wrinkles become smoothed, the risk of pigment spots due to exposure to the sun is minimal.

How to use sunscreen

Natural SPF 15 sunscreen cream should be applied to the skin before going out into the sun. You can repeat its use every 2 hours if the cream has been washed or wiped off. Avoid sunbathing during the hours of the greatest sun activity, protect infants and young children against direct sunlight.

Day cream SPF 10 GoCranberry

The cream protects the skin against UVA / UVB radiation, and also provides excellent hydration and nutrition for the skin. With SPF 10, the skin will receive 1/10 of total radiation, i.e. the filter will block about 90% of UVB rays. The SPF 10 GoCranberry face day cream is intended for everyday use and is ideally suited to active relaxation.

The main components of the natural UV cream

The cream is based on cranberry oil, which contains one of the highest levels of vitamin E among all oils, in the form of useful tocotrienols and tocopherols. Cranberry oil contains quercetin, which is also a powerful antioxidant and a member of the polyphenol class. Astringent tannins and carotenoids, including beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Cranberry oil contains such valuable and necessary skin substances as phytosterols, especially beta-sitosterol. Phytosterols have anti-inflammatory effects and help to restore and repair damaged skin. Linoleic acid restores the damaged skin barrier, reduces percutaneous water loss and has anti-inflammatory effects. Oleic acid has a moisturizing and softening effect, is light to feel, well absorbed through the skin and improves cell regeneration.

Vitamin E also contained in the cream perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin, and also acts as an antioxidant. Quercetin, peonidine and anthocyanidins provide an even greater antioxidant effect. Beta-carotene is like sunscreen and reduces skin redness.

Other ingredients of the SPF 10 GoCranberry day cream

Mineral UVA / UVB filter - creates a protective layer on the skin, protecting against radiation. Sweet almond oil - gives the skin a soft and smooth effect. In addition, it creates protection against skin irritation and also reduces the feeling of itching and redness of the skin Shea butter - oils the skin, protecting it against excessive drying. It provides skin hydration and nutrition.

How to apply the cream

The cream should be applied in the morning, gently patting the skin.

The effects of using the SPF 10 GoCranberry natural day cream The cream is designed for all skin types, the use of cranberry oil has resulted in a huge amount of vitamins and aminoacids. It protects the skin against drying and provides deep hydration. It can be successfully used every day. The day cream protects against wrinkles and dryness caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The product is light and makes the skin silky.