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Each of us should remember about face cleansing and makeup removal. Daily cleansing of the face skin allows us to maintain radiance and healthy skin, also helps to get rid of imperfections and is a great introduction to face skin care.

Removing make-up and cleansing the face cosmetics

One of the favorite products of Polish women for face skin cleansing is micellar water. We are not surprised! Micellar water contains micelles - molecules whose structure makes them perfectly attract fat (excess sebum) and other impurities, while moisturizing the skin. Then the micelles narrow pore size and restore the skin's optimal pH. So, micellar liquid is a cosmetic that combines the properties of makeup removers and tonics. It often replaces face foams and gels - we combined the properties of both cosmetics, receiving a micellar gel for washing the face without soap. It's the perfect cosmetic for everyone with sensitive and prone to imperfections skin.

We also recommend oil for make-up removal - especially for sensitive and dry skin. Oil makeup remover also works well with combination and oily skin. The oil effectively cleanses the skin of any impurities, while moisturizing and nourishing it. If you are choosing oil for make-up removal, be sure to wash your face with a micellar fluid or tonic after using it, which will restore the skin's proper pH. Each skin cleansing should end with toning the skin - using a tonic or micellar water.

For everyday face skin cleansing and care, it is worth adding skincare treatments that we do less often. One of them, very important, is face skin peeling. We get rid of dead epidermis cells that remain in the shallowest layer of the skin, blocking the pores and preventing the free transport of nutrients from skin care cosmetics. As a result, our skin becomes gray and imperfections begin to bother us. An effective weapon in the fight for an always radiant complexion is a natural peeling that removes dead skin, nourishes our skin and improves its tone. Depending on the needs, the peeling should be applied once or twice a week.

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