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Micellar water are a liquid consisting of microparticles, i.e. micelles. They are solutions of fatty acids. Thanks to this, the particles can remove dirt, dust, cosmetics and sebum. The advantages of micellar liquid are that it contains mild washing ingredients, does not foam and cleanses the skin effectively. GoCranberry Cranberry Micellar Liquid actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, does not dry the epidermis, does not contain alcohol, does not damage the skin. The product does not cause irritation, therefore it is recommended for all skin types.

Cranberry Micellar Liquid GoCranberry

Micro drops of micellar liquid bind fatty impurities (sebum and makeup residue) on the skin surface and dissolve them. Special plant origin cleansing substances help micelles to remove impurities from the skin. Cranberry Micellar Liquid GoCranberry is a mild cleanser that, in contact with the skin, removes grease, makeup and all types of dirt, maintaining lipid balance and does not require rinsing. The product does not contain alcohol, preservatives or allergens. The whole secret of the effectiveness of this tool is so-called micelles.

Benefits of using Cranberry Micellar Liquid GoCranberry

Micellar water is ideal as a natural cleansing for dry or sensitive skin. Due to the lack of drying ingredients, it can carefully remove dead cells, dust and fat from pores without drying the epidermis. Micellar fluid can be used both in the morning to cleanse the skin after the night process of cell regeneration, as well as in the evening to remove makeup and cleanse the face of impurities from the environment. This product has no age limit, it is safe for all ages.

GoCranberry natural Micellar Liquid is produced on the basis of cranberry extract, which is a rare combination of strong anti-aging effects of polyphenols and tocotrienols, as well as the protective and regenerating properties of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The high content of tannins provides good potential for inhibiting bacterial growth, which allows the use of cranberry in products for acne skin. In addition, the extract is a clear antioxidant. It prevents against pigmentation, softens the skin, strengthens blood vessels, tones, increases skin resistance. It improves oxygen transport and absorption due to the action of bioflavonoids and has a light whitening and peeling effect.

Cranberry extract has a light cleansing and antibacterial effect. It moisturizes the skin, enriches with a variety of nutrients and increases the absorption of oxygen through the skin, helps to resist the harmful effects of the environment more effectively.

Natural cleansing substances in GoCranberry Mineral Liquid

Due to the delicate cleansing base of plant origin, an organic micellar liquid for removing makeup and sebum from the face gently cleanses the skin of impurities without breaking its protective barrier, degreasing the epithelium and opening pores, which contributes to deep and effective effects of subsequent care.

GoCranberry natural Micellar Liquid is made according to a unique recipe, among the active ingredients there are only highly effective natural plant substances and cranberry extract. So, deeply cleansing micellar liquid not only removes impurities from the face, but also provides complete care: moisturizes, balances, protects, rejuvenates and restores the structure of the epithelium. As a result, the skin is smooth and silky, thoroughly cleansed and prepared for subsequent use of cosmetics or skincare products.

As a cosmetic ingredient, cranberry extract in micellar liquid works as?

Antioxidant with a complex of useful organic acids and vitamins Antiseptic with antibacterial effect, skin toner Activates regeneration processes, increases the absorption of oxygen by skin cells, activates the formation of new cells Accelerates metabolic processes at the intracellular level It effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin with a huge amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements, aminoacids It effectively cleanses the skin from makeup and sebum Increases immunity and protective properties of the epidermis Strengthens blood vessels and capillaries removes freckles and age spots It improves skin elasticity and is effective for mature skin.

By using micellar liquid you can quickly and effectively remove makeup from your face, and due to the delicate hypoallergenic formula in which the fragrance composition does not contain allergens, the product can be used even with very sensitive skin. In addition to the high-quality, gentle make-up removal effect, everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the features of face skin care, because it contains useful and valuable plant and fruit ingredients.

How to use natural micellar liquid?

There are no special secrets when using micellar liquid. Wet the cotton pad with liquid, wipe the face surface in a circular motion. It can also be used on the neck and décolleté. To completely remove eye makeup, moisten cotton pads several times. Apply one to the upper eyelid, the other to the lower one wait 30-40 seconds. Then gently remove makeup. GoCranberry Micellar Liquid can also be used to wash makeup of your lips. Do you have to do anything after using the micellar liquid? Beauticians advise you not to do anything so as not to wash off the effect. Micellar liquid can be used up to 2 times a day without harming the epidermis.