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Natural face wash and make-up removal gels are intermediates between micellar liquid and liquid soap. Another feature of gels is their intended use, cleansing the skin, so they do not need to have a strong washing ability. Therefore, there are used ecological ingredients that have excellent softness and a gentle cleansing effect, it is enough to wash the impurities with cosmetics from the skin of the face, while not having a damaging effect on the skin's protective barrier.

GoCranberry natural micellar face cleansing and makeup removal gel cleanses the skin of dead skin particles, absorbs impurities and excess sebum from the skin. The main component of the gel is cranberry extract, which heals the skin, brightens the skin tone, relieves inflammation, tightens pores and nourishes the skin with vitamins. Thanks to the high content of vitamins in the composition, it improves the structure and elasticity of the skin.

Micellar Cleansing And Removing Makeup Gel GoCranberry

Regularly washing your face with a refreshing GoCranberry natural gel will lead to improved skin color, greater smoothness and tension. This product has ingredients compliance with the organic certificate, it has been dermatologically tested, which confirms its incredible usefulness and effectiveness. The product does not contain allergens and preservatives, and the skin after using it is refreshed and cleansed.

Ingredients of Micellar Cleansing And Removing Makeup Gel GoCranberry

The natural gel consists of: Cranberry fruit extract Natural delicate washing and cleansing substances Panthenol (provitamin B5) Allantoin.

Influence of cranberry fruit extract on the properties of face gel

Cranberry extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, toning, refreshing effect. It speeds up cellular metabolism and is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens capillary walls, prevents againts excessive pigmentation, increases the absorption of oxygen through the skin. It enriches the skin with vitamins and trace elements, is a light exfoliating and moisturizing agent. GoCranberry face wash and make-up removal gel gently cleanses the skin of impurities, removes toxins, excess sebum and tightens the skin.

Panthenol and its effect on the skin

Panthenol contained in the micellar gel for washing the face and make-up removal maintains the physiological level of skin hydration, and special active ingredients reduce the number of acne and redness with each use. The gel tones, tightens, smoothes, preventing the appearance of clogged pores. Washing face with a natural GoCranberry gel protects the skin against external irritants, completely removes impurities and makeup, and balances metabolic processes in cells.

First, panthenol accelerates the regeneration of the dermis and the skin is renewed faster. Secondly, it normalizes cell metabolism and accelerates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity. This ingredient well nourishes dry skin, softens it and prevents against premature aging. The action of panthenol on the skin can be compared to hyaluronic acid, with regular washing of the face with a gel with this component, the skin becomes elastic and smooth. Of course, the product will not work against deep wrinkles, but it can help to remove small facial wrinkles. In addition, it will help to prevent against new wrinkles and slow down the skin's aging process. GoCranberry natural gel is designed for daily washing of all skin types. It carefully and thoroughly cleanses the skin of surface impurities and make-up (including eyes) without causing dryness and skin irritation.

The use of allantoin in Micellar Cleansing And Removing Makeup Gel GoCranberry

Allantoin is the most universal cosmetic ingredient and can do almost anything: it supports healing and rebuilding of the skin during injuries, protects against the negative effects of free radicals, and even slows down the appearance of wrinkles. It stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, supports exfoliation of dead cells, prevents against of blackheads. It is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates tissue regeneration and slows down cell aging. This component restores the barrier properties of the skin, which is why it is a common ingredient in cosmetics for people suffering from skin inflammation. It is a substance of natural origin, unique in its properties. Allantoin is known for a wonderful rejuvenating, lifting and regenerating effect. For this reason, it is the main active substance in various healing ointments, face wash and make-up removal gels, as well as in firming masks, anti-aging creams, and concentrated serum.

Therefore, allantoin provides the user of an organic GoCranberry gel:

Stimulating tissue regeneration Rejuvenation and smoothing the wrinkles Effective narrowing the pore size Soothing the irritation Effective prevention against blackhead Inhibition of bacterial growth.

How to use Micellar Cleansing And Removing Makeup Gel GoCranberry

Moisten your face with warm water, apply the gel and spread it all over your face. Perform a gentle facial massage so that the active ingredients contained in the gel give all their properties to the skin. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure as needed.

The effects of everyday use of the face wash gel

Micellar face and make-up removal gel is an excellent cleansing complex that compensates the lack of moisture and nutrients in the skin's cell, providing a regenerating and soothing effect. Natural plant extracts have bactericidal, toning, refreshing properties, soothe the skin and help to eliminate irritation.