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Care with natural cosmetics from an early age
Every parent, caring for their child's needs, wants to provide it with the best care and protection. The baby's skin in the first years of his life is extremely delicate. It is easily irritated and may be prone to allergies. The early years of life is a period when the body is just learning the right responses and getting used to the substances. That is why it is so important at this age to use only the highest quality products specially tailored to the needs of such young skin.

Mother nature the best babysitter
All offered natural cosmetics for children have a 100% confirmed natural composition. Because toddler skin is often very prone to allergies, the key is to use delicate product with the shortest possible composition. Cosmetics with natural active ingredients are much friendlier for a sensitive organism. The risk of sensitization or irritation in this case is much lower than after using synthetic cosmetics. The short composition means that the dose of active substances is properly concentrated, and the excess of additional chemical compounds does not burden the baby's skin.
The use of natural cosmetics from an early age is also a great way to teach a child to respect mother nature. Our products are not a source of absolutely harmful substances to the environment. They have not been tested on animals and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Protection on all levels
From the first days of life, it is crucial to ensure proper hygiene of the child in all spheres. That is why we offer bath and shower products, shampoos for children, but also more specific products such as oils, lotions and creams.
We must not forget that in the first months and years of life, proper hydration of the baby's skin is particularly important. Therefore, the use of properly selected cosmetics after the bath is just as important as the bath itself. Our cosmetics can be used for daily care. Neither after the first use, nor after prolonged care it will cause irritation. What's important - they are non-addictive!
Natural ingredients in cosmetics, unlike synthetic compounds, do not accustom the skin and are equally effective at all times. Even after stopping using them, no sudden bad skin condition is observed. Care with natural substances involves deep nourishment of cells, not a superficial improvement of the skin's appearance. They are easily absorbed by the cells as known and harmless compounds.

From the first days of life, it's worth to reach for natural cosmetics for children
All our cosmetics are hypoallergenic. They have been dermatologically tested. They do not have preservatives or other artificial substances that could affect the toddler's skin in any negative way. They also do not contain fragrance compositions that could cause an allergic effect or simply the child do not like. All these features meen that cosmetics are safe for children from the first days of life. They work on the skin gently. Their main task is to properly moisturize and prevent against drying.

We use what nature has given us
All active ingredients in our cosmetics are from natural origin. Their proper composition allowed to create products with concentrated and extremely effective operation.
    Shea butter is a product with highly moisturizing properties. It prevents against water loss from cells. In addition, it has a soothing and regenerating effect.
    Vitamin E is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. It is called "vitamin of youth". It prevents the destruction of cells and stimulates their regeneration. In addition, it has softening properties.
    Cranberry oil is cold pressed from cranberry seeds. It has a rich composition of EFAs - essential unsaturated fatty acids that are part of the natural skin barrier that protects against drying.
    Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids and works great as an oiling and moisturizing agent. It works great as protection against UV radiation.
    Grape oil is another plant seed product, rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It also moisturizes the skin perfectly and allows you to rebuild the natural protective barrier and at the same time has a pleasant, delicate fragrance.
    Watermelon seed oil, in addition to perfectly moisturizing the skin, also gives it great elasticity and resistance. It soothes irritations, is light and absorbs quickly.
Sweet almond oil works great when used regularly. It is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. Vitamins A and E are natural antioxidants. Vitamin D protects the skin against UV radiation, and B vitamins affect the normal cell metabolism and allow you to remove unnecessary metabolism products.

Protection for children, but not only
Hypoallergenic and delicate cosmetics are a great choice for children. However, there are no contraindications for adults preventing them against using similar preparations. In cases of extreme hypersensitivity, egzema or other diseases, the use of these cosmetics may even be indicated. It is also possible to use the products sporadically to deeply moisturize the skin (important especially in summer).