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Active filters

Visiting hot countries with a child, taking sunbaths on beaches or spending time over the river, all parents want to improve the health of their children, strengthen the body and prepare their immune system to fight viruses and all kinds of infections. The role of sunlight in this case is huge. Being a natural source of vitamin D, UV radiation contributes to the proper physical development of the child, participates in metabolic processes, stimulates the work of internal secretory organs, and also helps in the proper absorption of the most important minerals and trace elements. However, you can not forget about the proper protection of the baby's skin and lubrication with sunscreen.

Why sunscreen SPF 15 MIKKOLO?
   Mineral UV / UVB filters contained in the sunscreen, SPF 15 Mikkolo gently protect against harmful rays and sweet almond oil, watermelon and coconut oil reliably retain moisture in the skin. The products do not contain active chemical substances and fragrances, they are suitable for the most sensitive skin of children and adults. The product is dermatologically tested.

SPF 15 MIKKOLO sun cream for children (even newborns) and adults
   If you want to buy a natural sunscreen for children, remember that priority should be given to the most natural product. It does not matter if the child is in the shade or in the open area of ​​the coastal beach, the use of sunscreen is a necessary condition even during a short stay in the open air, from the first spring heat, as well as in winter. The all-year sun cream SPF 15 Mikkolo protects the skin of a child and an adult thanks to valuable ingredients.

Ingredients of the SPF 15 MIKKOLO sunscreen
   The physical (mineral) UVA / UVB filters contained in the Mikkolo cream protect on the skin surface. They just reflect the light. Physical filters provide a higher level of protection. Due to their activity on the skin surface, these filters are safer in terms of their effect on the skin. This type of filter works immediately after application. Eco-sunscreen with an average SPF 15 protect against two types of solar radiation, UVA and UVB rays, can be applied to the body and face (avoiding contact with mucous membranes) and is allowed to be used from a very early age 0+.
Watermelon seed oil
   Used to treat various skin irritations including sunburn, as a light moisturize. It normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, cleanses pores, effectively eliminates acne, soothes irritation and damage. The composition of watermelon seed oil contributes to cell regeneration, changing the skin day after day. It softens dry skin and inflammation, immediately smoothes and firms the skin. The vitamin composition of the oil has a beneficial effect on the whole body, the oil's saturation with B, A, PP and C vitamins makes the oil protect the skin against the negative effects of sunlight.

Coconut oil
   Coconut oil immediately softens the skin and creates a strong protective layer on it, has unique sunscreen properties. In cosmetology, coconut oil is used primarily for the care of very dry and extremely sensitive skin. It has exceptional softening, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antibacterial properties, while remaining highly nutritious oil with clear protective properties. Coconut oil perfectly protects the skin against environmental influences. It is actively used as a sunscreen cream base and can also be used as a tanning agent. At the same time, coconut oil protects not only against sunburn, but also against the drying effects of the wind.

Sweet Almond Oil
   In addition to a wide range of vitamins and minerals (including B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and potassium), this base oil also contains niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and fatty acids. Like all base oils containing vitamin E, it slows down the aging process of epidermal cells, reduces inflammation, and due to vitamin F it prevents againts expansion of pores and improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Sweet almond oil transports particles and prevents against air blocking the cells: almond oil literally helps the skin to breathe freely. Due to its absolute hypoallergenicity, non-toxicity and mild exposure, it is suitable even for newborns.

Shea butter
   The composition of shea butter is also unique, it is the only known base fat, which consists of almost 80% triglycerides, and the rest are fats from the so-called odorless group. Butter is also an active source of vitamins E, F and A. In addition, it has a soothing effect on burns , scars, wounds, stretch marks, dermatitis, stimulates capillary circulation and can protect against excessive solar activity. In cosmetology, the basic properties of shea butter are considered emollient. Shea butter can be used for daily and special care of all skin types, including damaged, problematic and dry skin. Due to its unique soothing properties, it is also great for caring for delicate baby skin.

Argan oil
   Argan - one of the oils that apparently has protective capabilities. It very quickly removes irritations and soothes the skin after and during sunbathing. When applied to the skin, it does not cause a feeling of pressure, an oily layer or other unpleasant symptoms, but has a quick lifting effect and actively smoothes the skin.

How to use the SPF 15 MIKKOLO sun cream
  Apply a small amount of cream to the skin in places exposed to sunlight and spread well.

The effect of using SPF 15 MIKKOLO sun cream
   SPF 15 Mikkolo sunscreen cream has unique protective properties against the harmful effects of UVA / UV rays. The product is intended for use throughout the year by both adults and young children. The ingredients used in the cream cause deep regenerative processes, stimulate the synthesis of natural collagen, restore skin color, and at the same time acts as a reliable shield against UV radiation. The moisturizing and emollient properties of sunscreen perfectly prevent skin against irritation and deal with fine wrinkles. The cream is a perfect sun protection for children of all ages.

MIKKOLO protective and caring cream
   The baby's skin is quite delicate and requires special attention and care. It is important to use the right cream that will help your child feel calm and at ease every day. The basic rule is to do no harm. The Mikkolo protective and caring cream helps to actively moisturize the dermis, soothes irritations and nourishes the delicate skin of the child. It will be an optimal fat product that will become an effective protective barrier for the dermis. It is used to protect children's delicate skin against adverse weather conditions: scorching sun, strong wind, severe frosts. It is especially important that the cream is natural, with neutral pH, hypoallergenic, prevents against irritation.

The composition of the MIKKOLO protective and caring cream
    Watermelon seed oil - does not affect cellular respiration. The range of its cosmetic properties includes moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing, protective, optimizing them, affecting the lipid barrier and restoring normal cell function. It is one of the best vegetable oils for children's skin care, which combines anti-inflammatory effects with high-quality moisturizing and softening.
    Coconut oil - in the Mikkolo cream for baby care, ensures the proper development of the baby's skin and maintaining its natural balance. Coconut oil is very useful, universal and harmless due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this cream can become the most favorite assistant of every mother. The baby's skin is far from perfect, but the coconut oil contained in the product will help to clean it. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil soothe the rash.
    Sweet almond oil - belongs to one of the fastest absorbed and light bases of baby creams. It is distributed evenly and easily, almost immediately disappears from the skin and leaves only pleasant sensations. It is absolutely the best base oil for sensitive, chapped and very dry skin with exceptional softening properties. Almond oil not only soothes the skin and reduces inflammation, but also effectively nourishes, restores elasticity and smoothes the skin. The regenerating properties of almond oil are widely used in baby care creams and the hypoallergenic properties allow it to be used even for the most sensitive skin.
    Shea butter - penetrates into the deep layers of the dermis, actively moisturizes them, protects against harmful effects.
   Argan butter - this base is an ingredient of the Mikkolo protective and caring cream used in combination with other basic oils. Argan is ideal for both special and daily care, prevents changes, improves the natural balance and actively renews the epidermis. It helps to stimulate local metabolism and blood circulation, saturating tissues with vitamins and minerals, deeply moisturizes and nourishes, which allows you to improve the overall condition of the skin, restore its healthy appearance.

    Panthenol (provitamin B5) - in skin cells, this substance quickly turns into pantothenic acid, which is a component of the coenzyme, playing an important role in the metabolism of each cell. Pantothenic acid is therefore necessary for the soothing of damaged skin and mucous membranes. Due to panthenol, which has anti-inflammatory properties, you can effectively get rid of dryness, skin damage and allergic rashes. A product with this component will have protective properties. Panthenol is often included in a baby cream, which can also be used as a remedy for nipple cracks during breastfeeding.

How to use MIKKOLO protective and caring cream
   The cream should be applied to the baby's skin, gently spread and left to completely absorb. It works well in areas of the body where irritation or burns occur.

The effect of using MIKKOLO protective and caring cream
   At a young age, a natural protective and caring cream is a very important product. Due to the content anti-inflammatory ingredients Mikkolo reliably protect the baby's skin from rashes, irritation and redness. The cream contains panthenol and valuable oils, thanks to which it has a protective and preventive effect against the occurrence of diaper rash. It is a safe product free from preservatives and fragrances.