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Natural oils for children
As parents, we want to provide our children with the best. We carefully select the ingredients for meals, look for toys with approvals and choose clothes from the most delicate materials. However, one should don't forget that the composition of the products that we use in the daily care of our babies is equally important. When buying cosmetics, you should first of all pay attention to whether their composition is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and whether they are dermatologically tested.
Our baby oils meet all these conditions. Made for the youngest, they are adapted to their delicate skin. It is worth to think about buying such products primarily because they allow us to take care of the baby's skin in a simple and pleasant way - you can add them to the bath or use during massage. Carefully manufactured recipes are created for the youngest, so they respond to all their needs - moisturize, protect against water loss, regenerate, protect against irritation and make it more flexible and at the same time they are made of the most delicate ingredients, adapted to the most delicate beings.

Daily care with natural body oils
The baby's skin is very delicate and requires constant care. It is worth to develope a daily care ritual during which we will provide our child with everything he needs for healthy and happy development. Bathing with the addition of oil or a massage before bedtime can be one of its elements. By introducing such habits from the very first days, we teach our child how much importance you need to pay attention to taking care of your health, and thus - well-being. Early habits will remain with them for many years.
Children's oils can also be used by adults with sensitive skin. The delicate formula allows care without the risk of irritation caused by too heavy or artificial formula. They are created for the youngest, but this does not mean that they will not work on older skin - on the contrary, they can be used by the whole family.

Bath oils for children
Bath oils can be used from the very first day of our baby's life. They are a simple way to protect and care for dry or sensitive skin on a daily basis. Just add a little to warm water and bathe the baby as always, and after all gently dry the skin with a towel. The oil leaves a delicate protective layer on the body, which does not allow the skin to dry, and even protects against UV radiation. Baby oils do not have a strong, irritating odor or substances that could cause allergic reactions.
Natural bath oils do not have to be massaged in the skin in a special way, and you do not have to wait until they are absorbed, such as creams. Their big advantage is simple use - they are an addition to everyday activities, and yet their effective protective effect is confirmed by both dermatological tests and the opinions of satisfied parents. All you need is just a little oil, and while bathing, our child casually gains a lot - we support the skin's defensive barrier or provide relief from irritation.

Natural massage oils for children
Baby massage with the use of oil, in addition to many protective and health benefits, is also very helpful in building a sense of security and a strong bond with our baby. It calms, de-stress both the child and the parent. It also supports the processes occurring in the child's body: it can help with colic, digestion and even increase immunity. It is not difficult: just take care of the calm and a comfortable place for the baby, warm up a little oil in your hands and slowly massage the entire body of the child. However, it's worth to spend some time learning the right techniques to massage your child or go to one of the many massage courses to use its full potential.
The essential ingredient of a successful massage is primarily the oil used. Features that should be considered when choosing a product include proper consistency, lack of a strong, irritating smell, and above all - a composition of natural plant ingredients that provide with protection without the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. A properly selected oil moisturizes the skin, restores its elasticity and bring relief to sensitive skin. Additional ingredients such as vitamin E can provide protection against free radicals.

Hypoallergenic and vegetarian oils
Our baby oils are completely natural, hypoallergenic and vegan. Like you, we want to give children the best without artificial ingredients from an early age. However, you do not have to worry about the effectiveness of cosmetics. The compositions of vegetable oils and vitamins are never chosen accidentally and the lack of preservatives or animal raw material does not indicate a deterioration of the products' performance. On the contrary - in addition to excellent protection and care, they also ensure no irritation or allergies as a result of contact with artificial chemicals.

We are aware that more and more people are consciously looking for eco-cosmetics in their daily lives. The recipes of our baby oils are completely vegan and the plants used for the production of cosmetics are grown without artificial fertilizers and have organic certificates, which can be a safe introduction of our lifestyle also in the sphere of healthy development of the baby. We make our best  to create our products friendly both for you and your children, as well as for the environment.