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The Black Currant & Sunflower series will meet the expectations of those seeking ecological solutions in the care of the whole body. It is based on extracts and vegetable oils obtained from native crops: blackcurrant and sunflower. The products are intended for people with problematic skin (e.g. acne, capillaries), as well as for skin without imperfections. To minimize the risk of irritation, cosmetics do not contain preservatives and fragrance. The formulations are 100% based on plant origin ingredients, so they meet the requirements of vegans and vegetarians. Because the idea "Zero Waste" is close to us, we produce blackcurrant extract ourselves from pomace remaining after juice production. In addition, cosmetics are packaged in glass packaging, which can be successfully recycled. To reduce paper consumption, we have abandoned the outer carton and all information is on the product label. The label material is made from recycling and contains remains of fruit peel after juice production. If you care about environmental protection and ecological lifestyle Black Currant & Sunflower is the perfect series for you.