We are a Polish manufacturer of high quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients and enriched with innovative components.

The NOVA laboratory was established in 2011 as a response to the growing requirements of people looking for cosmetics ideally suited to their needs. Following the latest trends in cosmetics, we use both innovative raw materials and those known for centuries for their effectiveness. The components used in the production of our products are high quality and the recipes are developed so that the cosmetics work as effectively as possible. This means that in consumer tests, the respondents emphasized that our cosmetics met their expectations. We often point out that "we create cosmetics that we would like to use ourselves":


What makes our cosmetics unique?

Efficiency: it is guaranteed by high quality raw materials from European suppliers. In many cases these raw materials are used in maximum permissible concentrations, which makes our cosmetics really work.

Natural ingredients: The secret to the GoCranberry, GoArgan +, MIKKOLO and GoSPA series are natural vegetable oils and butter. Most of them are obtained in a "cold" process. This means that these components have retained as much natural beneficial ingredients as possible, which are largely deactivated when processed at high temperatures. It is worth to mention that many ingredients are eco-certified. This is guaranteed by origin of raw materials from pure crops and not undergoing chemical treatment in the production process.

They are hypoallergenic: cosmetics have been dermatologically tested (for the possibility of sensitization, skin irritation) on a group of people with known allergy or prone to irritation. All studies have shown no irritating and sensitizing effects. This is the result of the use of raw materials that do not have allergens in the composition.

They do not contain preservatives *: The experience of our technologists has resulted in specially selected recipes of cosmetics that have minimized the risk of bacterial and fungal growth. In addition, cosmetics (emulsions) are enclosed in air-tight sealed packaging or hygienic pump bottles. Due to this, during application we do not have contact with the product, we do not introduce microorganisms that are responsible for "spoilage" of products.

* the exception is the Face Mask with argan tree stem cells GoArgan +